Ron Soodalter has over 300 articles in print. He has won several awards, and is featured in such periodicals as Smithsonian, American History, and the New York Times. Below is a listing of his pieces.


Column, America's Civil War: "The Tale of Three State Songs"

Feature Article, Smithsonian: "Captain Gordon's Infamy"

Column, America's Civil War: "O' Shenandoah, You Roiling Raider!"

Feature Article, America's Civil War: "One Man's Terrorist"

Column, America's Civil War: "Death in the Firebox: The South's Lethal Coal Torpedo"

Column, America's Civil War: "'Steak for Supper, Boys!' Wade Hampton and his Cattle-Rustling Rebels"

Feature Article, America's Civil War: "In the Heat of Passion: the Murders of Three Generals"

Feature Article, True West: "A Race to End All Races"

Column, America's Civil War: "'Shoddy!' Profiteering during the Civil War"

Feature Article, Portland: "Nathaniel Gordon and the African Slave Trade"

Column, America's Civil War: "Lincoln Stumps New Hampshire!"

Feature Article, True West: "Here Come the Cavalry!"

Column, America's Civil War: "Big John Baylor Takes New Mexico for the Confederacy"

Column, America's Civil War: "Rebels on the Run: The Battle for High Bridge"

* Feature Article, Maryland Life: "Betsy Bonaparte, the Princess of Baltimore"

Feature Article, Maryland Life: "Lee's Invasion of Maryland"

Feature Article, Civil War Times: "Hanging Captain Gordon"

Feature Article, Military History: "To the Brink in Cuba, 1873: The Virginius Affair"

Feature Article, Military History: "William Walker, the Man Who would be King"

Feature Article, Portland: "Confederates at the Gates: The Rebel Raid on Portland"

Feature Article, New York Archives: "These Pimps of Piracy"

Feature Article, American Cowboy: "The Art and Chaos of the Gunfight"

Cover Article, America's Civil War: "The Rebel Raid on St. Albans, Vermont"

Feature Article, Chicago Front Desk: "Around We Go! The History of Chicago's Iconic Ferris Wheel"

Column, America's Civil War: "Murder with a Vengeance: The Legend behind the Lincoln Assassination"

Feature Article, America's Civil War: "The Horses of Grant and Lee"

Column, America's Civil War: "The Great Emancipator's Mass Execution: Lincoln and the Sioux"

Column, America's Civil War: "Old Blue Light Attends a Hanging"

Column, America's Civil War: "'Bitter' Bierce and the Macabre Side of War"

Feature Article, Military History: "Cold Harbor"

Feature Article: Civil War Times: "Slave Ships"

Feature Article, Maryland Life: "Sing a Song of Treason! Maryland's State Song"

Cover Article, Wild West: "Champion of the Johnson County War"

Column, America's Civil War: "The Man who Surrendered Texas"

Feature Article, Missouri Life: Saving Missouri for the Union: The Battle of Boonville"

Feature Article, America's Civil War: "Chaos by Committee: Lincoln and the War Committee"

Column, America's Civil War: "Spurning the Northern Scum! Three Inappropriate State Songs"

Column, America's Civil War: "'March on,' He Said!' The Legend of Barbara Fritchie"

Feature Article, Civil War Times: "Martin Delany and the Cainhoy Massacre"

Feature Article, Maryland Life: "The Saga of Anna Ella Carroll"

Column, America's Civil War: "Lincoln and the Cossack: John Turchin and the Sack of Athens"

Feature Article, Texas Highways: "George W. Littlefield: A Man of Many Parts"

Feature Article, Civil War Times: The Privateer Jeff Davis"

Column, America's Civil War: "The Alligator: The U.S. Navy's First Submarine"

Feature Article, Military History: "Massacre and Retribution: Destruction of the Iroquois"

Feature Article, Nebraska Life: "William Henry Jackson Documents the West"

Feature Article, Down East: "Portland's Slave Trading Native Son"

Feature Article, Maryland Life: "The Legislature Goes to Jail"

Column, America's Civil War: "The Legend of Little Drummer Boy"

Feature Article, Nebraska Life: "The Tom Dennison Machine"

Feature Article, America's Civil War: "New York City Secedes!"

Feature Article, Wild West: "'Watch your topknot!' Scalping in the Old West"

Cover Article, Civil War Times: "Last Raid of a Rebel Pirate"

Column, New York Times: "Up in the Air! Balloons in the Civil War"

Column, New York Times: "The Short Life of a Rebel Privateer"

Column, New York Times: "The Battle of Ball's Bluff"

Feature Article, Nebraska Life: "The Nebraska Fur Trade, Yesterday and Today"

Feature Article, Pennsylvania Magazine: "Rebels in the Streets!"

Feature Article, America's Civil War: "Union Troops Amok in Washington!"

Column, New Hampshire Magazine: "The Lincoln Tusk: A Bequest for Exeter"

Feature Article, Oklahoma Today: "the Two Bills: The Tilghman/Doolin Bond"

Feature Article, Military History: "'They Must Be Removed!' The Second Seminole War"

Feature Article, Kentucky Monthly: "'If Whiskey Don't Kill Me"' Kentucky White Lightning in Song, Saga, and History"

Feature Article, Maryland Life: "Maryland in the War of 1812"

Feature Article, Missouri Life: "Missouri during the War of 1812"

Feature Article, America's Civil War: "The Concept of Honor in the Civil War"

Feature Article, Nebraska Life: "Ogallaly! The Wild Days of a Nebraska Cow Town"

Feature Article, Pennsylvania Magazine: "The War of 1812: Pennsylvania Takes a Stand"

Feature Article, Oklahoma Today: "Henry Starr: The Cherokee Badman"

Feature Article, Kentucky Monthly: "Kentucky in the War of 1812"

Feature Article, Wild West: "Dave Mather: "You Have Lived Long Enough!""

Feature Article, Nebraska Life: "Solomon Butcher: Photographing the Prairie Life"

Feature Article, Kentucky Monthly: "Hell in Kentucky: The Bloody Saga of the Rebel Guerrilla Champ Ferguson"

Feature Article, Kentucky Monthly: ""Yankee" Bligh, Kentucky Manhunter"

Feature Article, Wild West: "Real Life on the Early Cattle Drives"

Book Review, Military History: "Ethan Allen: His Life and Times"

Book Review, Military History: "Cain at Gettysburg"

Book Review, Military History: "The Gods of Prophetstown"

Feature Article, Military History: "The Second Seminole War"

Feature Article, Military History: "The Battle of Chippawa"

Feature 3-Part Series, Kentucky Monthly: "The History of Kentucky Music"

Feature Article, Missouri Life: "Far West: The Ultimate Ghost Town"

Feature Article, Oklahoma Today: " 'Absalom, my Son!' Bass Reeves Tracks Down his Son"

Feature Article, Louisiana Life: "Roberdeau Wheat and the Louisiana Tigers"

Feature Article, Louisiana Life: "Ponchatoula! The First-hand Account of a Battle"

Column, New York Times: "Lincoln and the Sioux"

Column, New York Times: "Shoddy!"

Column, New York Times: "The Limits of Lincoln's Mercy"

Feature Article, Military History: "The Life and Career of Winfield Scott"

Feature Article, The Paper: "Contractors, Banks, and the Local Economy"

Feature Article, Maryland Life: "The Dred Scott Decision and the Cause of Emancipation"

Feature Article, The Paper: "Tourism in Cold Spring"

Feature Article, America's Civil War: "The Southernmost Rebels: the Saga of the Confederados"

Feature Article, Nebraska Life: "Shoot the Buffalo! Grand Duke Alexis's Celebrity Hunt"

Feature Article, Military History: "Charge! The Australian Light Horse at Beersheba"

Feature Article, Nebraska Life: "Women to the Fore! Early Feminism in Nebraska"

Cover Article, Nevada: "The Great Equalizer"

Feature Article, Nebraska Life: "Happy as a Big Sunflower! The Frontier Rambles of Rolf Johnson"

Feature Article, The Paper: "Rolling on the River: The Rebirth of the SS Columbia"

Feature Article, Nebraska Life: "An Oasis of Tolerance: From Slavery to Nebraska"

Feature Article, Oklahoma Today: "Outlawed by Mistake: The Saga of Ned Christie"

** Feature Article, Kentucky Monthly: "A Blight on the State: Human Trafficking on Kentucky Today"

Feature Article, Oklahoma Today: "The Short, Unlikely Outlaw Careers of Cattle Annie and Little Britches"

Column, New York Times: "The Unsung Regiment: The Courageous Stand of the Colored 55th"

Feature Article, Louisiana Life: "General P.G.T. Beauregard: An Intimate Portrait"

Article, The Paper: "Human Trafficking in our Back Yards"

Article, The Paper: "Beacon: A Hundred-Year Retrospective"

Feature Article, Wild West: "Annie Oakley and the Scandal of the Century"

8-Part Series, Nevada: "A History of Nevada"

Feature Article, Nebraska Life: "Bright Eyes"

Column, New York Times: "Rebels Invade Pennsylvania!"

Column, New York Times: "Buford Saves the Union at Gettysburg"

Column, New York Times: "Scourge of the South"

Column, New York Times: "The Plot to Burn New York"

Feature Article, Louisiana Life: "'Beast' Butler and the Occupation of New Orleans"

Feature Article, Military History: "'Mick': The Lore and Legacy of Michael Collins"

Feature Article, American History: "'Poor Boy', You"re Bound to Die:" 19th Century America's Homegrown Murder Ballads"

Feature Article, Military History: "Biting the Bullet": The Sepoy Mutiny of 1857

Feature Article, Military History: "Task Force Smith"

Feature Article, Military History: "The Greek Civil War"

Column, New York Times: "Emily Helm Visits the White House"

Feature Article, Military History: "The San Patricios"

Feature Article, Military History: "Remembering Goliad"

Feature Article, Military History: "The Battle of Prestonpans"

Feature Article, Military History: "Custer on the Washita"

Column, New York Times: "The Confederate Submarine"

Column, New York Times: "The Cold Spring Foundry"

Feature Article, American Cowboy: "The Real Characters of Lonesome Dove"

Feature Article, Kentucky Monthly: "The Saga of Jenny Wiley"

Feature Article, American History: "The Nation's First Thanksgiving Proclamation"

Feature Article, America's Civil War: "The Battle of Brandy Station"

Feature Article, Colorado Life: "The Peace-Seeker: A Life of Chief Ouray"

Feature Article, Missouri Life: "Order # 11 and the Devastation of Southern Missouri"

Column, New York Times: "Crossroads at Cold Harbor"

Column, New York Times: "Steak for Supper! The Wade Hampton Cattle Raid"

Column, New York Times: "One Man's Terrorist: The Plot to Burn New York"

Feature, Military History Quarterly: "The Tidewater Wars of Early Virginia"

Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "Night Riders: The Black Patch Tobacco War"

Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "Call me Madam: The Saga of Belle Brezing"

Feature, Missouri Life: ""Shot Up Considerable": The Dooley-Harris Feud"

Feature, Oklahoma Today: ""One Bad Indian": The Ballad of Zeke Proctor"

Feature, Missouri Life: "Finding Daniel Boone’s Bones"

Feature, American Cowboy: "The Capture of John Wesley Hardin"

Feature, American Cowboy: "Jack Hays and the Battle of Walker Creek"

Feature, American Cowboy: "Bonnie and Clyde meet Frank Hamer"

Feature, American Cowboy: "Juan Cortina’s War"

Feature, American Cowboy: "The Ballad of Sam Bass"

Feature, American Cowboy: "The Meir Expedition"

Feature, American Cowboy: "Bigfoot Wallace"

Feature, Military History: "The Crags of Tumbledown"

Feature, Military History: "Sieges through the Ages"

Feature, Military History: "The View from the Barricades"

Feature, Wild West: "The Eye that Never Sleeps: The Pinkertons Out West"

*** Feature, Missouri Life: "Playing for Blood: The Bald Knobbers of Southwest Missouri"

Feature, I-5 Publishing: "The Rebel Career of John Yates Beall"

Feature, I-5 Publishing: "Tearing up the Tracks: The Great Locomotive Raid"

Feature, American History: "The Sarah Elizabeth Ray Story"

Feature, American Cowboy: "Will the Real Tom Horn"."

Feature: American Cowboy: "Bass Reeves: Duty Above All"

Feature, American Cowboy: "The Far Borders of Faith: the Whitman Tragedy"

Feature, American Cowboy: "A Question of Respect: The Doolin/Tilghman Bond"

Feature, American Cowboy: "Courage Under Fire: The Siege of the KC Ranch"

Feature, American History: "Wong Kim Ark: An American Tale"

Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "John Andrews and the Great Locomotive Chase"

Feature, Frederick Gorilla: "Lincoln, Taney, and the Road to Progress"

Feature, Missouri Life: "Harry Truman and the Pendergast Machine"

Feature, Military History: "Arthur Chin, Biplane Ace"

Column, New York Times: "Confederados!"

Column, New York Times: "To Kill a President: A Legend of John Wilkes Booth"

Column, New York Times: "The Baylor/Wharton Feud"

Column, America's Civil War: "Cottonclads!"

Feature Article, Kentucky Monthly: "Mead: Nectar of the Gods"

Feature Article, Military History Quarterly: "The Brown Brothers, Patriot Shipwrights"

Feature Article, America's Civil War: "The West Point Foundry"

Feature Article, American Cowboy: "Hugh Glass and the Bear"

Feature Article, Missouri Life: "That Bad Man, Staggerlee"

Feature Article, Nevada: "The Earps in Nevada"

Feature Article, I-5: "Sinking the Albemarle"

Feature Article, Oklahoma Today: "The Brooks-McFarland Feud"

Feature Article, American Cowboy: "Red Cloud's War"

Feature Article, American Cowboy: "Five Lost Treasures of the West"

Feature Article, American Cowboy: "Ten Lawmen, Ten Badmen"

Feature Article, The Progressive: "Fighting Segregation One Boat Ride at a Time"

Column, America's Civil War: "John Yates Beall, the Mosby of the Chesapeake"

Feature, True West: "John C.C. Hill: Santa Anna's Adopted Yanqui Son"

Feature, American Cowboy: "Five Great Chiefs"

Feature, American Cowboy: "Trailblazer: Enrique Guerra"

Column, America's Civil War: "The Blockade Runners"

Feature, Military History Quarterly: "Admiral Mitscher and the Fast Carrier Task Force"

2-Part Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "Blood on the Coal: The Harlan County Coal War"

Column, America's Civil War: "To Sink an Ironclad: William Cushing and the Albemarle"

Feature, America's Civil War: "Abner Doubleday: The General who Didn"t Invent Baseball"

Feature, Cowboys & Indians: "Outriding the Color Bar: The Pendleton Roundup, 1911"

Column, America's Civil War: "The Tyler"

Feature, Military History Quarterly: "The Battle of South Mountain"

Column, America's Civil War: "Balls Bluff"

Column, America's Civil War: The Brown Water Navy"

Column, America's Civil War: "The Troubled Birth of Submarine Warfare"

Feature, American Cowboy: "The Wild Bunch of Ballston Spa"

Book Review, Military History Quarterly: "The Apache Wars"

Feature, Missouri Life: "The 1954 Jefferson City Prison Riot"

Feature, Military History: The Battle of Blair Mountain"

Feature, America's Civil War: "By Any Other Name: PTSD in the Civil War"

Feature, Military History: "Fifty-Two into 444: The Iran Hostage Crisis"

Column, America's Civil War: "Roll, Alabama, Roll!"

Book Review, Military History Quarterly: Grunt

Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "Law, Order, and an Inside Straight: The Real Virgil Earp"

Feature, Military History Quarterly: "Maintaining the Tradition: The Confederados"

Feature, Missouri Life: "'Struck with a Panic of Terror': The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811"

Feature, Wild West: "The West's Wildest: Ogallala"

Feature, Oklahoma Today: "Lawman and Rogue: Chris Madsen of Oklahoma"

Feature, True West: "Last of the Fast Guns: The Saga of Marion Hedgepeth"

Book Review, Military History Quarterly: Lincoln's Greatest Journey

Feature, Military History: "The Price of a Drink: America's Whiskey Rebellion"

Column, America's Civil War: "Black in Blue: Blacks in the Yankee Navy"

Op-ed, American Cowboy: "Code of the West"

Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "Jim Bowie: Knife-Wielding Son of Kentucky"

Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "The Ballad of Simon Kenton"

Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "Daniel Boone: Kentucky's Original Pathfinder"

Feature, Oklahoma Today: "The Battle of Ingalls"

Column, American Cowboy: "George W. Saunders: Cattleman and Trailblazer"

Column, America's Civil War: "The Russians are Coming!"

Feature, Portland: "The Life and Murder of Sir Harry Oakes"

Feature, Missouri Life: "The First Governors of Missouri Territory"

Feature, Nevada: "The Outlaws of Nevada"

Feature, Nevada: "The Outlaws of Nevada, Part II"

Feature, Military History: "Passchendaele"

Feature, Military History Quarterly: "Arthur Guy Espy"

Feature, Military History: "James Wilkinson, America's Foremost Villain"

Feature, America's Civil War: "Winning against the Odds: The Davis Guards"

Feature, Missouri Life: "The Sack of Osceola"

Feature, Missouri Life: "Missouri and the Threat of Earthquakes"

Feature, Yukon: "Albert Johnson: The Mad Trapper of Rat River"

Feature, Wild West: "The West's Deadliest Gunfights"

Feature, The Progressive: "The Second Battle of Blair Mountain"

Feature, Traverse: "Vicissitudes: Robert Rogers at Michilimackinac"

Feature, Military History: "Erich Gimpel, Nazi Spy"

Feature, Military History Quarterly: "The Chinese Militia of Butte, Montana"

Feature, Missouri Life: "The Younger Brothers of Missouri"

Column, America's Civil War: "Forgotten Brother: The Story of Tom Custer"

Column, America's Civil War: "Rip Ford: The Rebel Who Refused to Quit"

Column, America's Civil War: "'Gentle Annie': the Ballad of Lorinda Etheridge"

Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "The Saga of Daniel Boone," Part I"

Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "The Saga of Daniel Boone," Part II"

Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "The Saga of Daniel Boone, Part III"

Feature, Missouri Life: "The Nine Tribes of Missouri," Part I"

Feature, Missouri Life: "The Nine Tribes of Missouri," Part II"

Feature, Missouri Life: "The Nine Tribes of Missouri," Part III"

Feature, OK Today: "Bill Tilghman: Death of a Lawman"

Feature, Wild West: "Granville Stuart and the Pacification of Montana"

Feature, Military History: "Breaker Morant: The True Story"

Feature, Military History: "The Guerilla War for Northern Ireland"

Feature, Military History Quarterly: "'Rednecks!' The Battle of Blair Mountain"

Column, America's Civil War: "The Moving Appeal"

Feature, Military History: "The Truth behind the Maginot Line"

Column, America's Civil War: "Sally Tompkins, the Rebel Angel"

Feature, Missouri Life: "The Ballad of Little Aubry"

Feature, True West: "Will the Real George Hearst Please...."

Column, America's Civil War: "Hidden Heroes"

Feature, Cowboys & Indians: "Jimmy Stewart's Westerns"

Column, America's Civil War: "Bailey's Incredible Dam"

Column, America's Civil War: "The Union Army vs Mangas Coloradas"

Feature, America's Civil War: "Martin Delany and the Struggle for Black Rights"

Feature, Missouri Life: "The Music of Missouri"

Feature, Missouri Life: "The Bears on the State Flag"

Book Review, Wild West: "The Making of Tombstone"

Feature, Military History: "The 'Massacre' at Fort William Henry"

Feature, Military History Quarterly: "The Cadets' Chapel of West Point"

Feature, Nevada: "Outlaws of Nevada, Part III"

Feature, Military History: "Breaking Through at St.-Lo"

Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "Blood for Blood: The Hatfield-McCoy Feud, Part I"

Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "Blood for Blood: The Hatfield-McCoy Feud, Part II"

Feature, Kentucky Monthly: "Blood for Blood: The Hatfield-McCoy Feud, Part III"

Feature, America's Civil War: "George Pickett and the Kinston Hangings"

Feature, Nevada: "The Ballad of Diamondfield Jack"

Feature, Wild West: "Ten Tough Wild West Towns"

Feature, America's Civil War: "The Fighting Cushings"

Feature, Missouri Life: "Four Feuds of Missouri"

Feature, Missouri Life: "The Japanese Surrender on USS Missouri"

Feature, America's Civil War: "John Colvin, Codebreaker"

Column, America's Civil War: "John Lawson: Uncommon Valor at Mobile Bay"

Column, America's Civil War: "Thomas Henry Hines, Rebel Provocateur"

Feature, America's Civil War: "The Saga of the United States Colored Troops"

Feature, Military History: "'Head Hunter': Hitler's Chief Executioner'"

Feature, Military History: "Rogers' Rangers at St. Francis"

Feature, Military History: "The West Point Chain"

Feature, Cowboys & Indians: "The Remarkable Journey of Sarah Winnemucca"

Feature, Cowboys & Indians: "'Banjo': The Life and Works of A.B. Paterson"

Feature, Military History: "Coastwatcher: The Saga of Benjamin Franklin Nash"

Feature, Military History Quarterly: "A Jewel in Military Gothic: The West Point Cadet Chapel"

*Winner, 2010 Gold Award, International and Regional Magazine Association (IRMA)
**Winner, 2014 Award of Merit, International and Regional Magazine Association (IRMA)
***Winner, Silver Award, International and Regional Magazine Association (IRMA)